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Friday, May 17, 2013

It's Buttons Day!

What a great day today was! Buttons came at 9:00 am today. He immediately went to Bella as if he knew why he was here. Within 10 minutes of getting out of the car he began pawing Bella. We thought it was a cute way of him saying "hi". Until the trainer let us know that pawing is an alert and sure enough Bella's BG was close to 300. Nearly 100 points out of range. Mind Blown!

From there we got to know Buttons and did some basic obedience with him. Then we went to do some work in the public. We went and walked through Target and TJ Maxx. Buttons did great, Mom and Dad did okay. Buttons has a "shop" command, more on that later. After that back home for a rest and obedience work with Mason, Bella and Buttons. Buttons learned how not to eat Bella's crackers if they drop on the floor.We're all worn slam out as they say, but a great day overall. Buttons has a well puppy check tomorrow with the vet and then more training. Bella has been having high BGs all day and Buttons has caught most of them with a paw or a nudge. He's an amazing dog already. This will be lots of work but it will be worth it. Thanks again to everyone who's helped us get this far.

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