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Monday, May 20, 2013

Buttons day 3....

Before I go into our Day #3 adventures, I'd like to once again thank everyone who has supported us and donated to help us get Buttons. The things I've seen this dog do in the past two days have been made possible by all of you. We still have about 1/3 of the money left to raise to finish his training but we are so very grateful to each and everyone of you that has supported us so far and in the future.

Sunday's training was again intense and tiring. We started out with a trip to Lowe's to see the dogs in a noisy environment with lots and lots of distractions and once again they did great.

Buttons alerted to a low in lowe's. What a good boy. Among all the distractions at lowe's slamming toilet seats are a good one. We also played hide and seek, so that Buttons will be able to find his girl if he needs to. 

We then went to lunch at Arby's...

The day wrapped up with a trip to the playground. Buttons went up all of the equipment and even went down the slide twice just to stay by his girl. All this and he still very accurately alerted to lows at the playground while bella was playing hard.

Buttons worked on an awesome command today, "place". The blanket is an invisible crate. He stays on it, thinking it has walls. 
 Before bed Buttons alerted low again. We checked and Bella was 138 which is in range but she had over a unit of insulin onboard her pump which can drop her 100 points. Good low Buttons, and Good Night! Another tough day at his new job!

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