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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bella's "Diaversary"

.Last Wednesday (6/19/13) marked the first anniversary of Bella's diagnosis with type-1 diabetes. One year down. We have seen many changes to our way of life in the past year. Most notably learning to care for our daughter. Trying to strike a balance between keeping her safe without putting her in a tiny bubble and insulating her from the rest of the world. We also took up the mission of providing Bella with a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD), as well as raising funds for said dog. When not fighting the T1D we were focused on fundraising. We still have a little less than a third of the funds to raise but Buttons has been delivered and started his job and continues to train everyday. Throughout this year I have learned how tough our family is. Mommy and Daddy constantly watching, counting,learning,checking and more checking. 24/7. There are no breaks, no time off. Mason the big brother watching his sister and sometimes willingly taking a backseat and always putting Bella's needs first. And then there is Bella, toughest of all of us putting up with the highs and lows, the poking and prodding, the waking up to eat smarties in the middle of the night and still finding the energy to be a vibrant and curious little kid. 

On the anniversary of the diagnosis we decided to have a small gathering of friends and family to celebrate our accomplishments dealing with our first year and to celebrate Bella's strength and courage. Once again it reminds of of how much support we have and all the great people in our lives. Thanks for everything that everyone has done over the past year. Thanks to all the new friends we've made and to all of the old friends who came out of nowhere to support us. We had a great time celebrating with cupcakes and ice cream and punch. A great menu for the diabetic kid, but she loved it and like always we checked and counted and poked and prodded and had a great time. Here's to many more years of kicking T1D's butt!