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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flash for Bella's Tattoo Fundraiser 8/7-8/31

This is the flash sheet for Bella's Tattoo Fundraiser. Thanks to Matt Mebane and Rob Rutherford at Phoenix Tattoo in Raleigh for this great idea.

From Matt:
Here's the designs for the Dog for Bella benefit. These will be $25 until the end of the month. 
I'm flexible as far as colors and stuff but have to be pretty strict about keeping to these 
designs, but will make some exceptions. Also, I don't own the shop where I work, so for simplicity this is cash only. Thanks

So, we've made a couple of appointments for the benefit but have plenty of time for more. And, because of how important I feel it is to get tattoos specific to the benefit and understanding that some people may not want a dog paw or a pets name tattoo I've come up with another way to help. I will be raffling off 2 gift certificates to get tattooed, 1 for $100 and the other for $60. R
affle tickets are $5 with all proceeds going to A Dog for Bella. If you get one of the special tattoos from the sheet of designs AND want to purchase a raffle ticket, I'll give you 2. Thank you guys who have set up times already to those who will. I've got a number in my head I'd like to raise, so let's do this!

Come by Phoenix Tattoo-Studio to purchase the raffle tix. We will sell them for the whole month and do the drawing Friday August 31st.

You can make an appointment with Matt, and he will accept some walk-ins...

Phoenix Tattoo Studio
1215 Hillsborough Street  Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 834-8055

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