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Monday, August 13, 2012


I just got off the phone with Social Security. I had a phone interview to apply for Medicaid. We got denied because supposedly we make too much money. What a joke that is.

I just don't understand how they can turn down a child with a disease that is life-long because of the parents' salary. As parents of a diabetic, you KNOW how expensive this disease is. Here is a breakdown of her medication costs:

Lantus: $40/month
Humalog: $40/month
Glucagon: $64/dose
needles: $10 for 200 (this doesn't last a month)
syringes: $10 for 200 (this doesn't last a month)
alcohol pads: $2.37/100
BG test strips: $20/200 (we have to refill every 2-3 weeks)
Ketone monitor test strips: no won't cover them
Ketone urine strips: $10/100

Her specialist appointment is $81 per visit. this is her co-pay amount. Health insurance is such a joke. My husband works for the state and has the worst health insurance. Shouldn't state employees receive good benefits??

I'm so bummed. Hopefully, i can shake this crummy mood. Today is hubby's first day of fall semester, so he will be gone a lot more than over the summer :(

Thanks for letting me vent.


  1. There are several Medicaid funded Insurances in the state of NC. Are you sure that you applied for the right one.

  2. I applied through Social Security.

  3. You may want to apply directly to the Medicaid for Infants and Children. They have a higher income threshold. For a family of 4 you would have to make over $3800 gross to be disqualified.

  4. we got denied through them already.

  5. That really stinks! You would think that it would be easier to get insurance for a sick child. Hopefully soon the ObamaCare will go through and then you would be able to opt in for the insurance for Bella.

  6. Thats just crazy, Im gonna talk to a friend and see if she knows anything her kid has chronic illness and there is supposed to be a way that she could get insurance .Did you take them the bills from the dr they are supposed to add it up and if it exceeds 50% of your income they can help you. Also you can claim medical bill for the last three months . At least thats the way it used to be.NC health choice should be able to cover her too I dont get it . Let me make a few calls and ill let you know what I can find out. Probably nothing but im gonna try

  7. I have a T1D 12 yr old and we do it all mail order through our ins mail order option. It saves us a lot more that way, but it is def . still very expensive & very frustrating. I am at if you ever want to chat about anything at all. We have a mutual FB friend. Good luck with your mission to get a dog!!