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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Bern Fundraising Weekend Pt. II

Bella getting ready to spread the word.

Thanks to the guys at Mr.Tire (Colony Tire) in Greenville we were able to get to New Bern for the rest of the weekend after the bump in the road on Friday. They put in plugs, wires and rotor and the car was ready to go by closing time on Friday. It only took a couple of cupcakes and bracelets to make it happen.

We were outside in front of the convention center on Saturday and Sunday, we had access to a lot of the foot traffic going to MumFest, although we weren't technically part of it. Even though we were very disappointed that the Chocolate Explosion was postponed we still had a very productive weekend. We now have our display table setup and approach down to a science. We look forward to doing more festival type events now.

Bella and Skyler made an instant T1-D bond.
All in all we learned a lot and we met a lot of great people. We also have greater confidence in sharing our story and educating on T1-D as well as Diabetic Alert Dogs. It gets more amazing how many people's lives are effected by diabetes.

Bella met some great older kids that were T1-D and we got to see them bond almost instantly. On Sunday an 11-12 year old T1-D kid bought a bracelet and introduced himself to Bella as diabetic. Bella shook his hand got a huge smile and said "Me Bell-ha have 'betes too!" Which would've been the cutest thing ever if diabetes wasn't so dumb.

Aidan, Bella & Billy
We also met some great dog people as well. We met Lucas the Pit Bull Service Dog who has his own Facebook page. He was a big sweetie and when he's not helping his handler with her heart condition he's trying hard to change the perception of his breed. We spoke briefly with 'A Dogs Dream' about a future fundraiser together.

We also met the wonderful folks from Weller Kennels, out of New Bern who were our neighbors for the weekend. Really can't say enough about how kind and generous they are. They do awesome work with retrievers as well. We met Billy and the whole family fell in love with him.

Bella & Lucas.

Bella & Henry

Aidan & Bella
 The Doldes were almost out in full force as Uncle Adam, Aunt Nanny (Leslie) and cousin Aidan came down from Durham for the day to help out. It's really great to be within 90 miles of Doldes once again.

Last but not least our other booth neighbors were the Phi Theta Kappa from Craven CC. They were selling Marshmallow guns which kept us busy for two days. One of their members will be doing a documentary on Bella for a class project. Which we will post on here once complete.

All in all it was a very exciting weekend! Thanks to the efforts of all the volunteers and visitors. We had a great time. And a special thanks to the Family History Society of Eastern North Carolina for your sponsorship and your generous donation. We raised around $800.00 this weekend which puts us right at our 1-year goal for fundraising in a little under four months. Thanks to everyone for your continued support. We continue to be humbled by all of your concern and kindness. Stay tuned for announcements concerning the rescheduling of the chocolate explosion as well!

Look at the sea of Blog for a Dog T-shirts! Big special thanks to Kathie, Mary and Cousin David for all of your help and support.

We still have bracelets and T-shirts for sale if anyone wants one let us know!

Thank you, New Bern we'll see you next time!

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