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Friday, October 26, 2012

a different kind of night.

we had another bad night last night. bella didn't go low overnight, but went REALLY high. we checked her before bed and her BG was 176. in our minds, we are comfortable with her being a little high before bed. we gave her a snack, just as normal. i was really tired from yesterday's scary low BG incident and fell asleep early. nathan checked bella at 11pm and she was 526!!!! (for those of you who don't know, normal BG is between 90-120. also, BG over 500 was what put bella in the hospital before) he thought maybe it was a misread, so he checked again...437. he gave her a dose of insulin to being her down. i got up at 2am to bella screaming. i ran upstairs and checked her BG. again it was over 500. i gave her another dose of insulin to hopefully lower her BG. at 4am she was down to 293, which is still high, but not scary like over 500! i have to call the endo again today to figure out what we need to do for her. all this trial and error is making me crazy!

on another note, i finally was able to open up and vent about my feelings since bella was diagnosed in june. i had A LOT of pent up emotions and had a good, long cry.

we were trying for a dolde jr. #3 before bella was diagnosed. i had a miscarriage in March that was very difficult for nathan and i to deal with, but we kept moving forward trying. her T1 diagnosis had to put a quick stop to having another baby. both my pregnancies weren't easy pregnancies and i was terrified if i was preggers while standing in for bella's pancreas at the same time, something bad might happen with the pregnancy from stress. i was never able to mourn for the baby we lost, the baby that we could have had, bella's diagnosis and most of all, the loss of bella's innocent childhood. she goes through more finger sticks, needles and feeling crummy than most people will in their entire lifetime.

hopefully, the endo can make some suggestions today that will make the weekend easier on bella.

*fingers crossed*


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  1. Dear Dolde Family, I am so sorry to hear that Bella has Type 1 diabetes and that you have lost a baby in March. My prayers and positive vibes go out to all of you.

    Cookie Holmes