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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's official!!!!!!

Yippee!!!! We are officially on the Diabetic Alert Dog waiting list!!!! Our deposit is paid and now on bring on the fundraising!!!

Yesterday was a horrible blood glucose (BG) day :(  We had A LOT of lows, which lead to LOTS of finger sticks. Thankfully, today is MUCH better!

If anyone wants to donate to Bella's D.A.D. fund, follow the link on the right of the page to Guardian Angel Service Dogs. All donations are tax deductible and GREATLY appreciated! You will get an automated receipt immediately, but in about 2 days, you will receive a personal "thank you" from Dan Warren, the head honcho :) He will ask what family your donation goes to...please reply "the Dolde family!"

We are still working on the Facebook page. It's slow going because there's not much time to breathe between Diabetes and life. Hopefully soon we'll be at some sort of "normal" for us!


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