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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thanks everyone!

Bella got a way cool hello kitty magic wand (and it makes a good microphone too!) and a princess jewelry box filled with goodies from Erin today. It made her day. Surprisingly good day in terms of BG#s, no drastic highs or lows for 24 hours. After 30 days we may be getting small handle on the day to day and insulin amounts.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far, we have been overwhelmed by the kindness of friends and strangers alike. We should be at 10% of our first year goal by the end of the week.

Congrats to Guardian Angel Service Dogs (GASD) for winning the Toyota 100 cars for good yesterday. We can't wait for the new Highlander to roll into Farmville with Bella's Service Dog on board.

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  1. I'm really sad to learn about sweet Bella's diabete. A member in my close family is diabetic, he's nearly 50 today and sure having an alert dog would be great for Bella, and your whole family. Take care.